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Supply Chain Management and Partnerships



12-13 June 2003

Room 4, UNHQ Headquarters, New York



June 12 ALL PARTICIPANTS – Room 4_            _______



 9:00am - 9:30am       Registration



 9:30am – 10:45am     Plenary Session


Chair: Mark Malloch Brown, Administrator

UN Development Programme


    George Heller, President & Chief Executive Officer, Hudson’s Bay Company


Barbara Krumsiek, President & Chief Executive Officer, Calvert


Mike Posner, Executive Director, Lawyer’s Committee for Human Rights



10:45am -11:00am      Coffee Break



11:00am – 6:00pm Participants Divided into Parallel Sessions:


I - Supply Chain Management – Room 6

II –Partnerships – Room 4




11:00am - 12:30pm     Panel Discussion: The Global Compact Principles in the Supply Chain


                                    Moderator: Jim Thomas, Executive Director - Health, Safety, Environment & Business Continuity, Novartis Corporation

§      What do the GC principles mean and how do they translate into corporate practice throughout the supply chain?

§      Company Experiences in Implementing the 9 Principles


BMW Group’s Sustainability Approach to Procurement Procedures

Guido Prick, Group Representative for Environmental/Sustainability Management Systems, BMW Group


Eskom's Black Economic Empowerment Programme

Wendy Poulton, Corporate Sustainability & Environment Manager, Eskom


Promoting Supplier Compliance to the Nine GC Principles

Dal LaMagna, Chief Executive Officer, Tweezerman


                                                Partnership in the Supply Chain in Morocco

Natalia Manso, Corporate and Social Responsibilty, Inditex


12:30pm – 2:00pm       Lunch Break – UNHQ Cafeteria.


2:00pm – 3:00pm         Panel Discussion: Strengthening the Capacity of Suppliers


Moderator: Peter Brew, Director of Operational Policy, International Business Leaders Forum (IBLF)


                     Suppliers’ Perspective

§         What skills and/or resources do suppliers need to meet social and environmental standards?  What is the business case?

§           What are the key challenges faced by suppliers?

MNC Perspective

§         How best to incorporate empowerment, capacity-building and training rather than an exclusively top-down enforcement strategy?

§           What are the key challenges faced?


Rick Darling, President, Li & Fung USA


Human Values Chain

Sergio Feliciangeli, Chief Executive Officer, ALFESA, Paraguay


Peter Whitford, Chief Executive Officer, Wet Seal Inc.  former President Worldwide, Disney Stores


Mil Niepold, Director of Policy,  Verité





3:00pm – 5:00pm         Break-Out Groups Session: Challenges & Opportunities along the Supply Chain

§         A focus on  the key issues raised during the two plenary sessions



5:00pm-6:00pm    Plenary Session

                     Report back from break-out groups



6:00pm                        Cocktails – Millennium UN Plaza Hotel, One United Nations Plaza, 29th fl

                                                       (44th St. at First Ave, 212-758-1234)


June 12   II - PARTNERSHIPS SESSION – ROOM 4 ______         ___



11.00am – 12.30pm    Panel Discussion: The Building Blocks of Partnerships              


Moderator: Kerstin Leitner, Resident Representative, UNDP China


§         Introduction to the Global Compact

§         Principles, criteria and definitions of partnership

§         How partnerships contribute to corporate social responsibility goals

§         How partnerships contribute to development

§         Practical tools


Georg Kell, Executive Head, Global Compact Office


Adrian Hodges, Managing Director, Corporate & Partnership Development, IBLF


Philippe Rabit, Advisor to the Chairman, Carrefour


Bradford Gentry, Lecturer in Sustainable Development, Yale University


Michael Warner, Research Fellow, Overseas Development Institute



12.30pm – 2.00pm      Lunch BreakUNHQ Cafeteria.



2.00pm – 3.30pm Panel Discussion: How to work with the UN    


                     Moderator: Nathalie Hahn, President, Hahn Associates


§         Opportunities for co-operation: The Millennium Development Goals

§         The private sector perspective on working with the UN

§         The experience of the United Nations Development Programme


Bruce Jenks, Director for Strategic Partnerships, UNDP


Erin Walsh, Manager of International Strategies and Partnerships, Cisco Systems


Francois Kaisin, Director, Global Compact and WBCSD Liaison Delegate, Suez


Sirkka Korpela, Director Business Partnerships, UNDP



3.30pm – 3.45pm        Coffee Break



June 12   II - PARTNERSHIPS SESSION          _____                



3.45pm – 5.45pm       Discussions around the UN – Business Partnership Project Examples

These sessions will delve into the individual experiences of companies that have formed concrete partnerships with various UN agencies. Presentations will highlight how the relationships were formed, the negotiation processes, as well as the business benefits and developmental outcomes of the projects. Specifically, through open discussions led by the partners we hope to draw out answers to the following questions:


§         What components went into the partnership and what was the outcome?

§         What were the lessons learned?

§         How can these partnership models be replicated / scaled up?



3:45pm – 4:45pm Break-Out Groups Session 1:
Group Leaders: Kerstin Leitner, UNDP China & Nathalie Hahn, Consultant


1.      Information Technology for Development: Cisco Systems & UNDP in LDCs


2. Partnerships in Crisis Zones: Business Humanitarian Forum &

UNDP Afghanistan



4:45pm – 5: 45pm       Break-Out Groups Session 2:

Group Leaders: Rustam Lalkaka, Business & Technology Development Strategies & Thierry Lemaresquier UNDP Chile (tbc)


1.      Local Development Planning: PKN Orlen & UNDP Poland


2.      Financing for Development: Carrefour & UNDP Malaysia

       Statoil & UNHCR



6:00pm                        Cocktails – Millennium UN Plaza Hotel, One United Nations Plaza, 29th fl

                                                       (44th St. at First Ave, 212-758-1234)


June 13 ALL PARTICIPANTS___________        ________         


9:15am – 10:45am       Plenary Session and Discussion


Moderator: Debbie O’Brien, Business for Social Responsibility


Strengthening Enterprises in the Supply Chain through Partnership

This session will explore global initiatives and local partnerships that have been used to help overcome challenges to implementation.

§         Why are partnerships appropriate in this area?

§         What roles can societal actors play in order to overcome the challenges to implementation? 

§         How can Governments provide an enabling framework?


Tensie Whelan, Executive Director, Rainforest Alliance

Mark Beckmann,                       Neumann


Transparency, Why and How: Practical Issues in Public Disclosure

David Rowe, Counsel and Director, Workers Rights Information Project, Lawyer’s Committee for Human Rights


Eco-efficiency production management for small suppliers: A UNIDO/BASF Global Compact Project

                              Andreas Blüthner, International Law Advisor, BASF AG

Kai Bethke, Technical Advisor on Private Sector Development, UNIDO


Building small businesses in Angola: A UNDP/ChevronTexaco Partnership

Luddy Hayden, Federal Relations Representative, ChevronTexaco

Casper Sonesson, Policy Advisor, UNDP 


Government Representative – SEBRAE, Brazil (tbc)


10:45am – 12:30pm    Break-Out Group Discussions - Coffee Break

§         Are there useful partnership models that can be replicated or scaled up?

§         What are the lessons learned and what factors contribute to success?

§         Ideas for new partnerships in support of small business development.

§         What is the role for government?


1.      Multistakeholder Global Initiatives 

2.      Project Partnerships for Enterprise Development

3.      Developing and Implementing a Company Supply Chain Management Policy


12:30pm – 1:00pm       Plenary Session – (Summary and Linkages)

How can multinationals support local businesses along their supply chain and what are the benefits? Is there an effective ‘model’ for partnerships? A synopsis of the lessons learned and potential next steps.


                                    Georg Kell, Executive Head, Global Compact


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